Unmasking Saffron Authenticity: 5 Best Technique to find saffron Real or fake ?


Now you yourself can identify whether saffron is real or fake.

There is no doubt that saffron is very expensive in the market, if we talk about its price then it is available between Rs 350 to Rs 500 per gram, but sometimes it happens that we even bring saffron home from the market.  We are not able to identify whether it is real or fake.  Today, find out yourself sitting at home whether saffron is original or duplicate.
How many types of saffron are there?5 best ways to identify real saffron:- ,saffron price per kg

How many types of saffron are there?

Although there are many varieties of saffron, there are four main types of saffron – Nagin, Super Nagin, Poshal, and Sargol.

In India, three types of saffron are sold a lot.

Kashmiri Saffron

Afghani Saffron

spanish saffron

There are 3 types of Kashmiri saffron – lashha saffron, mogra saffron and zarda saffron.

5 best ways to identify real saffron:-

1. Find out with hot water:- Take a glass of water and heat it to 50 to 70 degrees, after this put it in a glass vessel and then put three to four saffron petals in it, if there is any saffron in the water.  If it leaves its color immediately then understand that saffron is fake, if saffron leaves its color after some time then it is real.

2. Find out by placing it on the palm of the hand - Yes, put two drops of water on your palm and then place a saffron petal on it, then with the help of the thumb, start rubbing it slowly, if the color of saffron starts to turn more yellow  And if it does not break quickly in the middle then it is real.

3. Find out from the smell - If you want to identify the real saffron, then you can also find out from the smell of saffron, the smell of real saffron is like honey, if saffron is fake then its aroma is bitter and strange.

4. Baking Soda Experiment - First take water in a bowl and put some baking soda in it then stir it well and after that add 2 petals of saffron if saffron leaves its red color then saffron is absolutely fake if saffron is the same  But if it leaves its yellow color then it is your real saffron.

5. You can also identify saffron by its taste. Yes, keep your saffron petal on your tongue and then start chewing lightly, if it tastes completely sweet then your saffron is fake and if it tastes sweet but  If it sounds a little bitter, it is absolutely real.

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